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For you and for your business

Would you like to change something in business or your work performance?

Many people find the help of a coach instrumental to grow their awareness of how or what they want to change about themselves and those they work with. Perhaps it is about interaction and communication; about changing some bad habits or getting new habits; about leading and motivating those under your responsibility.


Maybe there are parts of your job where you don't feel competent, or some of your decisions that you hope never to be asked to explain!  

Its OK to have doubts - so long as you use them constructively!


You know you are good. Why don’t the others see it?  You know you can communicate but why don’t they seem to understand?

You have brilliant ideas but no one wants to listen. Your great decisions don’t last for long. You wish you knew how to deal with unreasonable colleagues. 

Why can they just not get it right! 

Is your Emotional Intelligence up to the challenge of Leadership?


You work day and night, you don’t have time for eating properly, exercising or your own wellbeing. You don’t have time. It never stops.

And then, your business gets more challenging, you are unable to sleep, things begin to fall apart. You have lost control.


How to stop the downward spiral?

How to get your health back?

How to get your business back on track? 


You’ve been a technical expert for your career so far, and now you are moving into a leadership role. 

How to let go of some of the technical side?

How to establish yourself as the leader and build the respect and trust you need?

How to deliver in your first 90 days as the Boss?

How to go beyond your self-limiting beliefs?.


Something is blocking you. You can’t seem to move forward. You know what you want, you think, but you just don’t know what to do to get there. You seem to go round in circles, over and over again. Maybe you are about to give up.


You wish you could close your eyes, wave a magic wand and…hey presto..

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