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Our Clients' Comments

"Eileen is a very good listener and in a very natural fashion guided me in my thinking process. Not in an intrusive manner. I did most of the talking and for someone who doesn’t talk that much this is rare, so well done to her for doing whatever she did!"

"Roel is a great coach. He is calm and is a brilliant listener. He asks challenging questions in a very gentle and inviting way - but questions that nevertheless caused me to think about things differently and also made me want to take action."

"The session felt very natural and comfortable and created an environment in which I felt it easier to reflect and talk about aspects of my professional practice which I would not normally discuss."

"Eileen seems to have a natural talent for helping me reflect upon my own issues without actually offering any advice and you walk away from the session with a bag full of solutions that you have actually found yourself. Very clever!"

"Roel is a very professional, open and encouraging Coach. He wants the best for you as his client and partners with you on the journey of development."

"For me, the ability to ‘think aloud’ about ideas and concerns which are not yet fully formed without direct challenge was very useful."

"Eileen, this was a great conversation, thank you. I was very aware of being listened to during this session, particularly when I discovered the specific issue that has been a concern for a long time, but I have not been able to articulate it.  The session was mentally and emotionally tough for me but I felt that I was sharing information in a very safe environment and I greatly appreciate that."

"My level of self-awareness has increased exponentially in matter of days after this session"

"I felt at ease and despite the somewhat artificial setting, we had a great discussion and I did solve part of a problem that I didn’t even know I had !"  

"Eileen is gently unimposing, one does not get the impression of being led but I think actually I have found my own way somehow. I especially liked the use of the change model as it allowed me to break the mindset I was in and allowed a fresh look at the issue. She used the model to have me physically move from one state to another which I thought was an excellent way of using a metaphor."

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