Your Stories


 You manage a team of staff. They achieve their goals, but sometimes you feel you have to micromanage them to get things done. Maybe there are a couple of team members that sit back, or are disengaged. Maybe someone doesn’t appreciate your supervision style, maybe someone obstructs or is passive aggressive. How can you build your ability to manage the people and the deadlines? Time to invest in some coaching to help you build your people management skills?


You depend on your donors for their support and they depend on your integrity, experience and skill. Your project is approaching reporting time. Your donor expects a comprehensive report of your activities and achievements and their impact in your focus area. But you are so busy working, it's hard to find time to talk to all the stakeholders and write that report that fits with your organisational style and donor expectation and templates.

You focus on making an impact while we partner with you in writing your report.


You are a conscientious coach. On some occasions you realise you could have listened better, been more present, explored more deeply, contracted more repeatedly or used other complex competencies that the best coaches employ with natural fluidity. EMCC and ICF know that coaches who continuously renew and grow their skills and competencies through Supervision and Mentoring have more success and gain more clients. Do you want to have less Flaw time and more Flow time?


You are the project manager, technical lead, scheduler, advocate and all other roles in between?

Are you constantly juggling to make a plan, define your goals and outcomes, keep track of activities, goals and subgoals, liaise with counterparts and report on progress.

You would love some professional support to regularly review your project, activities and progress and reshape your plans as needed to ensure timely delivery?

Do any of these stories look, sound or feel familiar? Or do you have something else you want to work out?


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