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Our Fees

Every coaching session requires preparatory time, face-to-face time, post-session time and administrative time for both the Coach and the Client. The more complex the assignment, the more preparatory and post-session work reflection is needed.

Coaching in Organisations will require additional discussions with Sponsors or Managers. 

Avail of our free exploration session to see if Coaching is for you or to discover if the fit is right for Supervision (Reflective Practice) or Mentoring. From there, you can choose if you would like to avail of a multi-session package of coaching or to pay-as-you-go.


It's entirely up to you.  The future is waiting for you to be you.

Executive, Career, Work-Life & Health Coaching

Pay-as-you-go - Private Individuals

Business (Individuals): 

  • Eur 135 per session 60 mins


Career, Work-life & Health Coaching (individual) 

  • Eur 120 per session 60 mins


Charities (Individuals):

  • Eur 25 - 50 per session 60 mins


Unemployed, or lower income (Individuals):

  • Eur 20 per session 60 mins

Corporate Contracts


  • Eur 175 per session 60 mins



  • Eur 135 per session 60 mins


Group or Team Coaching:

  • Eur 850 per day/Eur 200 per hour


Charities (Group or Team Coaching):

  • Eur  450 per day/Eur 100 per hour

Programme Package

Executive & Business (Individual):

  • Eur 100 per 60 minutes *6 sessions


Career, Work-life & Health Coaching (Individual):

  • Eur 90 per 60 minutes *6 sessions


Coaching Supervision (Reflective Practice) & Coach Mentoring


Reflective Supervision (Individuals):

  • Eur 90 per session 60 mins


Coach Mentoring General (Individuals) 

  • Eur 90 per session 60 mins

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Debriefing Session

Workplace Reports

  • Individual Eur350

  • 360 Workplace Report Eur 600

Leadership Reports

  • Managerial/Executive Eur 450

  • 360 Leadership Report Eur675

Teams/Groups Report

  • Group Report Eur 675

Programme Package

Reflective Supervision (Meets EMCC requirements) or  General Mentoring (Individual):

  • Eur 75 Per 60 mins (contract minimum 6 sessions)


Group Supervision (Max 10 Group) Meets EMCC requirements

  • Eur 50 per group session 2.25 hours * 4 sessions

ICF Competency Mentoring (ACC and PCC levels) (Max 6 Group): 

  • Eur 80 per group session *7 sessions covering all competencies -  each 2.25 hours Meets ICF requirements

ICF ACC/PCC Personal Competency Mentoring to Credential Level 

  • Eur 120 Per 60 min * min 3 sessions (recordings and transcripts required) Meets ICF requirements

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