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Ever been on an airplane where they tell you to "Put on your own mask first".  There is a reason for that! You can be there for your family, your friends, your work but you can't help them unless you are well in yourself.  

Intolerances and health issues make us tired and more susceptible to becoming stressed. Weight issues can irritate, annoy and make us depressed and antisocial causing us stress. Stress makes us snappy and short tempered and unable to peacefully and happily live our lives.

Why not stop that vicious circle by growing your awareness of your own health and nutrition. Learn to listen to what your body is saying.


Manage your body, your digestion and your mind.

Manage your happiness.



"Of course I'm not stressed" " I can cope with anything" turns into "I'm so tired, I wish it would all just go away". But everything keeps building up and the pressure mounts daily. Sleep is not great, you think maybe a glass of wine might help. Everything is a mess. 


How do you differentiate the physical and mental stress that puts you under pressure from the stress that excites and motivates you.

Getting it right means you can smile again.

Measuring Waist

You are overweight.   You have tried every diet there is. Nothing works. How did you get to this state? Clothes don’t fit, knees ache. You wish you could just lose some weight, get back into the suit you bought last year, find some energy again. Every time you try it works for a little bit, but then it all comes back...and worse.


Is this age? Hormones? What can I do???



Your recent blood results show your glucose levels are too high - you risk to become diabetic. Or maybe you feel bloated, sluggish and uncomfortable too often for your liking. You oscillate between constipation and diarrhoea. You know you need to do something about that creeping cholesterol or next step will be Statins. Where has your energy gone to?


Learn about what makes your body work well and take a step to feeling great again.  Discover a whole new you.

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