How we deliver


At WJP-Wuite Jameson Partners Ltd, our aim is for us to pay something back to Society, helping the next generation to soar, wherever they are in the world.

As we are convinced of the positive impact of coaching for everyone, and are aware that many people think that only other people can have access to coaching, for financial or other reasons, we aim to lower perceived barriers to coaching and make coaching accessible for everyone.


When you partner with WJPartners, you double the value of your investment as we use your fees to make coaching accessible to those with modest resources. We also work on a reduced fee basis with Charities to provide them the support to deliver on their mandate, helping to grow a world of wellbeing where full potential is realised. 


Avail of our free Exploration session to see if Coaching is for you. From there, you can choose if you would like to follow a programme of coaching for three, six or twelve sessions. It's entirely up to you. 

If you are seeking solutions, wanting a change, facing a health issue or simply wondering where to start - take the first step to your own future.


Contact us. We are here to listen.