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As the Team Manager or Leader are you sure where you help your team, and where you might hinder?


Does your team hold the same values and have a single vision in their sights?


Have you explored how to leverage everyones strengths, keep all players motivated and performing to their best?

What could work better in your team FOR your team?

Image by Charl Folscher

Another meeting where spoken opinions cause conflict and unspoken opinion causes underlying discomfort and passive aggressive behaviours. You wish the team could just agree with each other for once and get on with the work! So much time could be saved if the arguments stopped. But so much creativity could be lost too.


How can you turn conflict into a welcome member of your team?

Image by Tatiana Pavlova

You manage a team of staff. They achieve their goals, but sometimes you feel you have to micromanage them to get things done. Maybe there are a couple of team members that sit back, or are disengaged. Maybe someone doesn’t appreciate your supervision style, maybe someone obstructs or is passive aggressive.


How can you build the Team ability to perform and meet the deadlines?

Team work

Why is it that team members follow their own path? Why do some of them seem to ignore the Goals and Objectives set for them?  Why are they on a different track?

Are you sure your team is all committed to the Vision of the Organization, to the Mission and to the defined Goals and plans of the team? 

Where does their commitment lay and where is yours? 


Get your team performing on the same page with team coaching.

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